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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement September 2016 (Will be reviewed annually, at the end of the summer term) 

Current strategy information cannot be published because it relates to just two pupils and would therefore be identifiable. This information is held confidentially in school.

The information below details how we have, and how we plan to spend the PP funding to enable eligible pupils to make the same good progress and achieve their targets in the same way as their peers.

We are dedicated to ensuring that no pupil is disadvantaged, in any way, nor prevented from experiencing a full range of educational opportunities and benefits, no matter what their family circumstances may be. We do not judge, nor qualify the range of opportunities we offer, based on parental ability to fund these opportunities and will ensure that all pupils achieve their potential, through the support we give.

The Pupil Premium funding has been spent in a variety of ways; extra-curricular activities, additional teacher and TA support to ensure individuals reach their potential, and visits (including residential visits).

We currently provide additional teacher and TA support, outside of English and Maths lessons, to ensure those pupils eligible for Pupil Premium funding make the best progress they can, particularly in these subjects. We fund extra-curricular activities, including residential visits, to ensure an all-round educational, social and emotional development. We provide additional resources, such as tablet computers and interactive software, specific books to aid phonic understanding and to enable those who receive PP, and have the potential to achieve the very highest levels do so and remain engaged and motivated to learn. We continue to fund additional adult support both from within school, and through the use of outside agencies, for those pupils who are in particular need.

We are confident that in taking the steps above, we can ensure that we give every available opportunity to all pupils, particularly those eligible for Pupil Premium funding, the best possible chance of success. We will measure the impact of this spending in pupil progress across the curriculum, attainment, attendance and engagement.

Our PP eligible pupils make at least the same progress as their peers, and their attainment is at least as good, and often above, their peers.

 The information below shows how much Pupil Premium the school received in each academic year, and the the forecast spend for the current year.

Academic Year

PP Income

Total Spend





100% of pupils made at least expected progress, in some cases this progress was better than expected. Attainment was above national figures for some pupils and at least in line with non PP pupils



£3,960 (Proposed expected spend)

 Pupils made the same good progress as their peers and achieved all targets. Attendance was well above national averages.




£5,280(Proposed expected spend)