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After School Clubs and Activities

After School Clubs & Activities

During the year, we offer pupils the chance to attend a variety of sport based clubs after school, including football and gymnastics. There is a small charge per session for this activity.  Parents will be informed of any clubs when they arise, what is involved, the times, dates, and any costs or necessary requirements.  All clubs are voluntary and pupils do not have to attend.  During lunchtimes there are also football, team sports and dance clubs running.

We are very lucky in that our feeder secondary, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School (QEGS), actively promotes and arranges sporting opportunities with other primary schools in the area. These events, such as tennis taster sessions, mini-olympics, rounders, basketball etc. inter-school tournaments, are usually held after school on QEGs’ own pitches or in their sports hall. Whilst we will endeavour to provide a member of staff to attend these events with pupils, we cannot always do this due to our small staff numbers, and therefore parents are responsible for taking their own child and looking after them whilst there. We generally find that there are a group of children wishing to participate and those parents are willing to share lifts. All these activities will be notified to you via letter in advance, and your permission sought.

We are very proud of our pupils' musical abilities and are able to offer music lessons individually or in small groups with peripatetic teachers during school hours at a small charge.  Currently our visiting teachers offer lessons on the piano, violin, clarinet, flute, guitar and ukulele.  We also have a successful school choir and provide musical performances in the community.