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We are introducing a new Change4Life initiative with the aim of getting as many young people as possible to take part in sport, working with a range of different sports equipment, playing lots of new games and activities.

Our new clubs are about to start during lunchtimes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons, and every child is welcome to participate within their relevant year group, especially children who are less confident in their sporting abilities.


The clubs will take place on the following days from 12.30pm – 1pm

Mondays         Class 3 and Class 4

Wednesdays   Nursery and Class 2

Fridays            Reception

Our dedicated sports crew from Year 5 will primarily run the sessions, with the aim to create fun activities which will involve both individual and team games / activities.

Here's the timetable of activities.  


Playground leader 





12.30pm – 1pm 






Freddie and Charlotte 


Class 3 & 4 

Week 1 Relay races 

Week 2 Obstacle Course 

Week 3Basketball 

Week 4Dodgeball games / tennis / teamwork games 

Week 5Dance 

















12.30pm – 1pm 








Nursery & 

Class 2 

Week 1Duck, duck goose 

Week 2Stuck in the mud 

Week 3Piggy in the middle 

Week 4Relay 

Week 5What’s the time Mr Wolf? 














12.30pm – 1pm 









Week 1Duck, duck goose 

Week 2Stuck in the mud 

Week 3Hula hoops and skipping 

Week 4Piggy in the middle 

Week 5Relay 



Last week's sports competitions, where the children wore their new Brailsford sports kit.  They looked very smart!

Year 5/6 came 2nd overall in the Rounders tournament at QEGS.  Well done, team! (July 2017)

Class 2 taking part in the Mini Olympics (July 2017).


Boccia Inter School Competition (May 2017)

Man of the Match!     

                   Competition Winners                                                   Man of the Match!



QEGS Football Tournament April 2017



Fencing Inter School Competition (Feb 2017)


                                                                                         Fencers in action and the winning team!