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Brailsford PTFA

Dear Parents, 

As you may already know, Friends of Brailsford School (“FOBS”)is being relaunched as a Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (“PTFA”). One of the reasons for this is that there is an extra layer of support from Parentkind - a charity which supports, engages and champion parents in education and school life.

Why is a PTFA important?

The PTFA plays an important role in school life; building the school family and engaging the school with the local community. FOBs also organised some really fun extra-curricular activities for the pupils and their families. The most obvious way the PTFA supports a school is to raise funds to enable extra resources to be bought for the pupils, and over recent years FOBs has paid for some really vital items which many if not all of our children will benefit from during their lives at Brailsford School.

Please find below a list of some of these things:

Outdoor classroom, 15 iPads,  Brailsford Team Sports kit, Books, Gazebos, Recorders, Planter,s Disco refreshments, Decorations, Music lessons & instruments, Theatre/trip transport, Theatre refreshments.

We are also just in the process of ordering some sails/canopies to provide some much needed shade for the children out in the playground.

Please help us to continue providing these extra resources and to engage with our local community.

What’s next for Brailsford PTFA?

At the first meeting an ad-hoc, temporary committee presented itself, but we now need you:

We strongly feel that every parent is a member of the PTFA by virtue of being a parent of a pupil; it is just up to you how involved you would like to be. Whilst we would love to hear from anyone wishing to take on one of the major roles within our new PTFA, we would also be delighted for parents, children and family members to help out on a more ad-hoc basis, whether that be with fundraising ideas, help preparing for individual events or help running events.

Please feel free to join us at any meetings that you can – there is no commitment at all, but many hands make light work! We would absolutely love to have representation across the whole school community (including grandparents/family). We need a chair person, a vice chair person, a secretary and a treasurer – it is our hope that each role would be re-elected each year to keep the committee fresh and engaged.

The committee will be supported closely by the PTFA team. If you would like to offer your involvement, however big or small, please come and speak to any one of the following: Abby Batley, Alison Cresswell, Ann Duffy, Catherine Hart, Claire Albon, Jane Baker, Jenny Else, Kirsten Salt, Laura Burrill, Lucy Travers, Rev Paul.

Please show your support to get our new PTFA up and running!